Maintenance & Servicing

As with all heating systems, their effective operation depends on the high performance of all elements of the system – boilers, pumps, valves and controllers.  Harrier GD heating systems  are installed to enable servicing with  minimum hassle factor, as well as for reliability.  The components are high quality, and included in the system are isolation valves for ease of service and part replacement, should they be needed, as well as temperature gauges for diagnostic purposes.

The systems used to heat a greenhouse are often in use seasonally, meaning it can be working hard and often for a few months,  and then stands idle for several months until it is needed again – which is far from ideal for any components.  To ensure reliability and optimum levels of performance, the system needs to be looked after and checked each year.

Twin BoilersWe recommend Harrier GD carry out the commissioning following installation and the servicing thereafter, because they have designed the system. To ensure optimum levels of performance and reliability, Harrier GD recommends a system check annually.

During the visit, our engineers will service the elements of the heating system that we installed, and will ensure that its operation is up to scratch.  A system check form is used , and will identify all elements of the project that have been examined, will identify parts that need changing, the date that works were carried out and when the next service is due.

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