What Temperature?

What do you intend to grow?

For growers, the key with heating is ensuring the temperatures are stable, controlled and evenly distributed within the glasshouse. There are certain bands of temperature to consider, depending on what you intend to grow and what the glasshouse will be used for - plants and/or people.

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Electric Heating Systems

Tubie - copy

The most common way to heat a smaller glasshouse or for lower temperatures is using electricity. Harrier GD offers two main types: Circulating Fan Heaters & Electric Tubular Heaters.

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Hot Water Heating Systems

Pipework located under the bench.

The favoured option for professional growers is Hot Water Heating. The optimum heating system for larger, hotter, multi-zoned glasshouses or where accurate temperature control and reliability are highly important. Systems are designed specifically for your glasshouse and are made up of several key quality components; Heating Pipes, Controlled Pipework (Mixing Groups), Heat & Vent Controllers, Temperature Monitors (Aspirated Screens) and Boilers.

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Sustainable Heating

Greenhouse heated using a Ground Source Heat Pump

With the increasing cost of conventional fuels and the the focus on CO2 emissions there is now far greater reasons for using renewable sources for heating greenhouses. The most common of these technologies used by Harrier GD in conjunction with our Hot Water Systems are: Biomass and Heat Pumps

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Maintenance & Servicing

Twin Boilers

As with all heating systems, their effective operation depends on the high performance of all elements of the system – boilers, pumps, valves and controllers. To ensure optimum levels of performance and reliability, Harrier GD recommends a system check annually. Contact us to book your annual services.

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